The Corsari Negre, a different way of sailing

The Corsari Negre is a schooner, hand-crafted from tropical wood in Camamu, on the banks of the Acarai River (Brazil), just like the old pirate boats. This boat, the only one in Catalonia and the Costa Brava, sailed across the whole Atlantic Ocean from Brazil to finally arrive at our shores after 70 days at sea.

The “Three Caves” Route

On board the Corsari Negre you can enjoy a trip through the Medes Islands Nature Reserve and along the Montgrí Coast to reach the “Three Caves”, where we transfer to a super-fast inflatable boat which takes us into the heart of the mountain. After appreciating the beauty of the caves we will set sail for Falaguer, where you can enjoy a peaceful swim in crystal-clear waters. .

Duration: 3h.

Includes a swim on the Montgrí Coast.
No underwater viewing.

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Rent the Corsari Negre!

Would you like to have a birthday party with a difference? How do you fancy a stag party out at sea? How about a pirate party with your friends? We make it easy for you! Have a look at our terms for renting the Corsari Negre and enjoy our fantastic pirate ship for your private use. Arrr!